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Born in 2008Tasted: August 2021

Tar, mint, blueberries and chocolate ganache dance on the nose. The mid-palate is perfect, there's an exquisite refined texture that shimmers with tar, cocoa, vanilla and blueberry, while an edge of minty shimmer adds freshness. It is this freshness that characterizes all wine and gives it a timeless sovereignty. Wonderful now, but it will evolve.

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Born in 1979Tasted: August 2021

Aromas of leather, earth and crushed dry tobacco leaves mingle with ripe plums and fill the nostrils. Indeed, the fragrance fills the whole mind. The palate is balanced and wonderfully flavorful, revealing hints of lanolin, leather and morel, yet there is still an exquisite fruit core imbued with real freshness. More air reveals even more spicy layers of miso and soy, the echo is of earth and eternity.

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Vintage 2017Tasted: August 2021

Only the seventh Grange ever made from 100% Shiraz. Dark chocolate envelops ripe blueberry, vanilla looms over it, as do smoky notes and darker berries – and then chocolate reappears alongside nutmeg. The palate then dives into generous, ripe and juicy fruit before bold, firm, muscular, supple and fine tannins relentlessly firm and assert themselves. There's so much personality here. Leave at least a decade and drink until 2060.

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Born in 1983Tasted: August 2021

The smell of cold ash on a grill mingles with ripe plums and heady menthol. And the earthy, smoky rim adds depth to the dense, luscious palate. The tannins are soft but still tacky. A hint of smoked bacon appears at the finish, imbued with a beautiful freshness and depth. Very good.

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Born in 1997Tasted: August 2021

A lovely hint of blueberry with a hint of smoke and a hint of vanilla informs the nose. The palate adds a cool, minty glow of freshness and emphasizes the ripeness of the blueberry fruit. The tannins are dense and the wine has a slender compactness and youthful elegance. Perfumed from start to finish, long and fresh.

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2016 vintageTasted: March 2021

From a solid vintage in South Australia, this wine weaves together notes of Italian plum, black cherry, mocha, cigar box and an abundance of herbs and spices. The palate is chiseled, all rippled, muscle glistening but without the top heaviness. The ultra-fine tannins emphasize the lively fruit, while the cigar box element lingers into the long finish. Christina Pickard

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2013 vintageTasted: January 2021

Dark ruby ​​garnet, opaque core, violet reflections, subtle lightening of the edges. Delicately woody notes of chocolate, black fruits, fine vanilla, a touch of Perigord truffles and precious woods, balsamic spices, a very seductive bouquet. Full-bodied, complex, heart of ripe cherries and cassis, round, sustaining tannins, extract-sweet finish, very good freshness and harmony, it seems very accessible, some nougat at the end, a great gastronomic accompaniment even when young. (2020 - 2070) - Proven by Peter Moser, 1/2021

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2012 vintageTasted: January 2021

Dark ruby ​​garnet, violet reflections, subtle glow of the ocher edge. Beautiful nuances of dill, bourbon vanilla, pipe tobacco and blackberries, ripe cherries, a touch of licorice and chocolate. Juicy, opulent and round, notes of caramel, sweet and spicy oak, mineral and persistent, nougat on the finish, tannins are still a little picky, needs more bottle ageing. (2020 - 2060) - Proven by Peter Moser, 1/2021

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2015 vintageTasted: July 2020

This vintage of the famous wine is perhaps the most accessible yet. The nose is open and expressive, with aromas ranging from licorice, currant and plum to spice, furniture polish, freshly picked olives, mushrooms and vanilla. The mouthfeel is silky in texture, bursting with fruits and spices of all shapes and sizes, all wrapped in fine tannins. Drink until 2040. Christina Pickard

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2010 vintageTasted: June 2020

Deep dark ruby ​​garnet, violet reflections, subtle lightening of the edges. Intense bouquet, intense sweet spices, sandalwood, nougat, incredibly multifaceted aroma. Full-bodied, almost port-wine nuances, structured with finesse, perfectly integrated tannins, great length, it already seems irresistible, ripe cherries on the finish, if only we could stop there.

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2016 vintageTasted: December 2019

Deep dark ruby, opaque core, violet reflections, subtle sparkle on the edge. Incredibly exciting and complex typical young Grange nose with coconut, bourbon vanilla, red fruits and figs, some soy sauce, enhanced with hints of nougat and eucalyptus. Powerful and closed, spectrum of dark fruits, chocolate texture, round and silky tannins, energetic and fresh structure, which leads to a dynamic finish with hints of mocha. Very durable and can be stored for decades, but it is best to let it mature for at least five years.

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2014 vintageTasted: December 2019

When to drink:2018For2035

The completion of the blending concept. 98 percent Shiraz with a hint of Cabernet. With grapes from six sub-regions. Extremely complex and elegant aromas with mint, medicinal herbs, black olives, black and blue fruits, plus mineral and salty notes. Lavishly rich on the palate, the cheeky tannins provide the necessary freshness.

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2015 vintageTasted: October 2019

Deep dark ruby ​​with an opaque core, violet reflections and subtle lightening at the edge. Underlying nougat with fine herbal notes, floral undertones, a hint of mint, fresh orange peel, subtle hints of fine oak, along the toes. Juicy on the palate, hints of coconut, light chocolate, lively and long-lasting tannins, peppery spices and minerals, radiant freshness on the finish, with a salty finish and strong aging potential. A very classic Grange wine in the good old sense.

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2014 vintageTasted: April 2019

The latest vintage of this iconic wine is more accessible and elegant than previous years. This blend of 98% Shiraz and 2% Cabernet Sauvignon offers an ocean of flavors: plum, mocha, coffee, tomato leaves, black olives, ground pepper, cedar, wet asphalt and sage. These tones transform into a beautifully balanced palate, powerful yet balanced and silky in texture. The American oak is there, but it feels quieter than in the past, allowing other nuances to hit the beach, all kept afloat by fine herbs and salty tannins. While other vintages may seem untouchable in their youth, the 2014 can offer instant gratification with some time in the decanter and still last well into 2044. Cristina Pickard

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2014 vintageTasted: November 2018

Deep dark ruby ​​garnet, opaque core, violet reflections, delicate lightening of the edges. Sweet spices, heart cherries, cardamom, subtle touch of nougat, subtle balsamic touch, sweet red fruits, heart cherries, delicate figs, very multifaceted bouquet. Powerful, juicy, fine blackberry note, well-integrated spicy oak, ripe tannins, dark nougat, remarkably good freshness, already well-developed and seductive, you might enjoy it a little sooner than usual, but that doesn't speak against its potential aging. Peter Moser

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Born in 1998Tasted: February 2018

14.5% Dark ruby ​​garnet, delicate water rim. Extremely seductive in the bouquet, intense ethereal nuances of mint and eucalyptus, notes of blueberries, chocolate notes, multifaceted. Full-bodied, chocolatey, round and harmonious, perfect tannins, endlessly sweet, fine acidic structure at the end, mineral-salty finish, it doesn't stop. Cinema of great taste. Peter Moser

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Born in 2002Tasted: February 2018

Dark ruby ​​garnet, violet reflections, watery edge. Intense bouquet, black berries with a menthol background, floral touch. In the mouth it is silky and round, juicy, fine red cherry fruit, support, integrated tannins, mineral, persistent, shows great persistence, chocolatey aftertaste, potential 100. Peter Moser

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Born in 2004Tasted: February 2018

Deep dark ruby ​​garnet, opaque core, violet reflections. Black olives, black berries, blackberry nuances, floral nuances, very attractive bouquet, underlying ripe cherries in the heart, delicate notes of air-smoked bacon. Juicy and elegant, delicate notes of cherries and oranges, fine tannins that last for a long time, pleasant extract sweetness, some nougat in the aftertaste, very balanced, already great drinking pleasure, great potential for evolution. Peter Moser

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Born in 2006Tasted: February 2018

Deep dark ruby ​​garnet, opaque core, violet reflections. Blackberry confit, some coconut, figs, mocha, fine and ethereal balsamic nuances, hints of smoked aromatic herbs, Valrhona chocolate nuances, underlined with hints of cinnamon, licorice and some soy. Complex and full-bodied, ripe fruit, small black fruits, present but silky tannins, fine extract sweetness, chocolatey finish, great potential for the future, mineral and persistent. Peter Moser

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Born in 1986Tasted: February 2018

Strong crimson garnet, good color depth, subtle edge lightening. A touch of goudron and clove, fine Florentine touch, reminiscent of Mouton 1945, incredibly substantial, chocolaty, full of cold smoke and nougat, infinitely long, just as it should be, extract-sweet and still with enormous future potential. Peter Moser

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Born in 1990Tasted: February 2018

Strong crimson garnet, ocher highlights, wider edge lightening. Elegant, initially somewhat reserved, fine confit of wild red fruits, multifaceted and delicately tender, notes of dried fruits, fresh cherries, very seductive. Silky, delicate, structure rich in finesse, red berries, fine tannins, balanced and persistent sweetness, one of the really great Grange, it's at its peak. Peter Moser

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