The Amazon Freedom Course by Dan Vas - 100% Unbiased Review (2023)

Tired of reading about how other people get rich on Amazon while you have your head on your 9-to-5 job, right?

Then you may have heard of Dan Vas.

who is this guy

Well, someone with over 60,000 YouTube subscribers who has published some of the most popular courses on Amazon.

There are many courses out there that will teach you how to make a fortune in ecommerce.

And Dan Vas has created a lot.

But doesn't the adage, buy for quality, not quantity, apply?

They are not the same.

In this article, I'm going to teach you all about the one that has been the most successful of late: E-Com Freedom.

The Amazon Freedom Course by Dan Vas - 100% Unbiased Review (1)

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Dan Vas claims you will learn how to do thisWork from anywhereJob you've dreamed of all your life and make big money from it.

There was a time when I also thought this kind of business would be my thing.

Who doesn't dream of something like their own online shop?

It's time for a reality check:

Finding and selling the winning product is not easy.

No more than dealing with marketing, customer complaints and your reputation.

At some point I realized that it wasn't profitable for me.

I invested a lot of time in something that secured my freedom.

What finally freed me from my job was lead generation (always my top recommendation).

I learned to be my own boss in my living room using my laptop and phone my whole life.

And it's great work because you help companies generate more business.

And what happens when you bring many customers into one company?

Well, they make enough money to make you even more money.

Amazon FBA works very differently.

(Video) Full PAC Review No Affiliate - No BS (Total review of the Proven Amazon Course)

But if you're still interested, read on!

I'll break everything down for you.

Who is Dan Vas?

Dan Vasiljevs (our Dan Vas) is a Canadian merchant who is said to have become greatmoney with amazon.

You must have seen his YouTube channel where he has around 60,000 followers.

Not big enough to call him an internet god but apparently he has a lot of online background and claims to be the right person to help you.

His company is currently headquartered in Thornhill, Ontario.

And if you do a quick Google Maps search for your Vas Group Inc business, you'll see that it's located in a residential area.

So it looks like he made it, right?

Enough financial freedom to work from the comfort of your own home.

The Amazon Freedom Course by Dan Vas - 100% Unbiased Review (2)

But is it real?

He claims to have created the Ecom Freedom Course to help him get to where he is now.

But will it really help?

let's find out

How much does the Amazon Ecom Freedom course cost?

First things first, right?

Before venturing into a course, be sure to scroll the page to find out how much the game will cost.

Here it is:

The Amazon Freedom Course by Dan Vas - 100% Unbiased Review (3)

The Amazon Ecom Freedom course costs $997.

Dan gives you the option to split the payment into two installments of $598 each.

It might come in handy if you're short on cash, but remember you'll end up paying $199 more.

There are courses much cheaper and just as good…

But let's see if the content is worth every penny.

The Amazon Freedom Course by Dan Vas - 100% Unbiased Review (4)

Want the #1 in semi-passive income business?

  • semi-passive
  • Recurring Income
  • Live-Bootcamp
  • 80% of the work done for you
  • Proven experts


What can you expect from the Dan Vas course?

Purchasing the course gives you access to:

  • Step-by-step instructions in video and PDF format of all content.
  • One-to-one tutorials with Dan and the people on his team (as many times as you like, apparently)

On their website we can see that this custom thing is only available for a limited time.

But it seems more like something to urge you to buy because I've been seeing this "limited" offer for a while...

  • A template created by Dan himself to help you nail a prospect right from the start.
  • More than 5 hours of content
  • Perpetual access to the course (meaning you can return at any time even after completion)
  • Access to the course community on Facebook.

According to Dan himself (and his website), those interested in becoming millionaires in the Amazon world will learn how to do itfind winning products, build strong brand and attract customers to earn big revenue.

You will also learn what are the best tools to develop and maintain your business and the right techniques to contact and negotiate with the best suppliers (believe me you will need this)

Among other things, you will also learn how to create your Amazon seller account and get good reviews to maintain a good reputation after your product is launched.

But it doesn't end here.

The course also covers how to ship your products, how to get the most out of your marketing, and how to get influencers to do some of the promotional work.


These are some of the bonuses included:

  • how to go insaneProfitable Facebook Adsfor your Amazon product
  • How to get social media influencers to promote your product
  • How to hire VAs to handle customer service
  • How to sell your customers to other products of your brand

What's great about the Amazon Ecom Freedom Course?

The Amazon Freedom Course by Dan Vas - 100% Unbiased Review (5)

Let's be honest:

It's a very comprehensive course.

If you're a little lost, it's okay to try just to learn.

In the course, he talks about almost everything you need to know to grow and develop your business on Amazon from the ground up.

Do you want to know how to become a seller on Amazon? Dan has a video about it. Would you like to discover the best products? Dan also has a video on it.

Want to know what are the best marketing practices to empower you? This course has you covered.

One should also say:

While some lessons last up to 20 minutes, others are very short (less than a minute!).

So there is also a lot of confusion in the content, very basic stuff you can find out by going to Great Google Oracle.

Still, it's okay if you don't have much time.

And everything is very well organized.

And look, this one-on-one tutoring with Dan?

It can not be denied:

It's a good point.

It's always nice to be able to ask the course creator directly any questions you might have.

If he can answer them all...

That's a different story.

What is the problem with the Amazon Ecom Freedom Course

I think you know what I mean, don't you?

Is too expensive.

Is it really necessary to spend that much money to learn dropshipping?

I do not think so.

You have many free resources at your fingertips (and a few clicks) that can serve you, too.

However, the real problem isn't even with the course.

But what it teaches.

You want to build an online business that pays you to live your dream life, right? Really enjoying life while working from anywhere and making lots of money, right?

Then why do you think Amazon FBA is the answer?

The Amazon Freedom Course by Dan Vas - 100% Unbiased Review (6)

Let's be honest:

Amazon is a great site with many buyers. It's insane to imagine how many people are willing to melt the ground and the popularity it has garnered over the last few years.

Yes, it is an internet giant.

And while the Amazon FBA program originated as an opportunity for people like you and me to start an online business, there are many things to consider before you go blind:

You are totally dependent on Amazon

AND? Didn't you just say you're an internet giant? Why should I care?

OK me.

But do you realize how much it limits you?

You're going to want to sell a lot of products, but Amazon is perfect for driving traffic to its competitors (and perfectly legitimately so).

(Video) 3 Beginner Amazon FBA mistakes to AVOID | *The Truth* and how to prevent losing money


Recommend to the shopper similar products unrelated to yours, or sponsored products that your competitors have paid for and which…
Surprise! You place it directly on your product page.

You have to be very, very patient.

It can take you MONTHS to prepare your products.

So, in addition to huge cash investments, you need to spend a lot of time preparing for your product launch…
Without any guarantee.

If you want to start the business as soon as possible, you cannot test the product before it goes on sale.

And do you know what that means?

That you run the risk of being wrong and earning a bad reputation thanks to criticism from those who will later call you haters.

But these haters will make you spend lots and lots of money on paid advertising.

This is the only way you can send them to the last page and not go bankrupt.

The competition is crazy

Answer honestly:

If you enter Amazon and click on a product...

Do you buy right away or look through the recommendations and go from page to page until you buy where you never thought you would end up?

The Amazon Freedom Course by Dan Vas - 100% Unbiased Review (7)

It happens to all of us.

And it will happen to your potential buyers.

There is a lot of competition on Amazon and you need to find a REAL way to stand out from the rest.

In addition, you have to adjust your prices by always comparing them with others and depending on the products you make, this can mean that you hardly benefit from them.

is it a joke

Not really.

The Amazon Ecom Freedom Course is a very comprehensive program in general, perfect for those who are starting out in this niche and want to learn a little about everything.

But that doesn't mean you'll leave the course with the confidence to achieve those 6 digits you've been dreaming of so much.

Do not listen to Dan:

Achieving financial freedom with Amazon FBA is not that easy.

I have already taught why.

And I also talked about the method that could make you quit your boring 9-to-5 job and start drinking margaritas on the beach while making big bucks.

No question why it's my top pick, right?

Conclusion – A better way to make money

Dan's course can help you start your Amazon FBA business from scratch, but it's a bit pricey and doesn't teach you the best way to get what you really want:

Financial Freedom.

Or just freedom.

I'm not saying you can't try it, because if that's your style, go for it!

You can also check out other cheaper courses if you don't have that much cash in your pocket yet.

I also tried to build an online business with Amazon FBA.

And I won't lie to you, it was good for me in the beginning.

I've had some good months and some REALLY good ones.

But over time, the competition, the time and money I had to invest, destroyed my motivation...

And my business.

When I thought about getting rid of my old 9-to-5 job, I envisioned working from home or vacationing in Thailand while money was knocking on my door...

(Video) Amazon Ecom Freedom X Course Review

Don't argue with suppliers about the quality of their products or read customer complaints at Christmas.

Nobody said it was easy, but why did it have to be so complicated?

Before Amazon FBA I had tried everything.


Dropshipping, Coaching, Affiliate-Marketing…
I thought this was my last chance.

And he couldn't be more wrong.

A few years ago I discovered what really suits me (which really can suit anyone):

lead generation.

The Amazon Freedom Course by Dan Vas - 100% Unbiased Review (8)

Look, it's easy:

If you've ever tried starting a business, or even thinking about it, you know that customers drive the business world.

No customers, no money.

And without money there is no business.

Businesses are desperate to get more customers to buy their products or services.

And in this desperation, they end up investing huge amounts of money to rank their websites and differentiate themselves from the competition.

And while that may seem like the solution, when it comes time to calculate, it's only tears.

Do you have to spend so much money to make money?

Why is the expected money sometimes not generated?


Getting free traffic is way better than paying for it.

In the long run, these trades will be more stable and always generate a much larger profit.

My point is:

People often try to build businesses by going into the most popular and seemingly simplest niches (like Amazon FBA).

But they don't realize that there is something much simpler.

Something that not only gives you money, but also a very useful life skill.

I achieved this by generating leads with ads.

With my laptop and an afternoon off, I created some online billboards to rank the websites of companies crying out for customers.

I didn't spend more than a few weeks in the beginning and...



I have the formula to multiply my income month by month.

There is no other business model that allows you to do something like this.

There is also no other business model that makes YOU the core of the business.

When you're driving web traffic to a business, you're the most important link in the chain.

Thanks to you, they can earn real money.

And they'll happily pay you double what you'd get anywhere else, so you're going to be doing this for a long, long time.

Don't worry, you don't have to go crazy looking for how to do this.

(Video) How To Start A $100,000 Per Year Amazon/Shopify Business - LIVE Q&A With Dan Vas

You can click here to find out how to stop investing in smelly programs and sit in the living room and watch the zeros in your account rise like foam.


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