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Ischia is a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea and the largest island in the Gulf of Naples. In Ferryhopper you will finduseful informationabout places, beaches, local delicacies and ferries to Ischia. Take a look at our travel tips, routes and reservationcheap ferry ticketsconjust a few clicks!

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Magnificent panorama of the village of Ischia Ponte on the island of Ischia

Holidays in Ischia

Almost unknown until the early 1950s, the island of Ischia is gaining popularity thanks to film producer Angelo Rizzoli. In addition to building shelters, he used it as a backdrop for many of his films and attractedelite tourism.

Since then, Ischia has never ceased to enchant visitors from all over the world with its charm, deep blue sea, untouched nature and historical buildings.

The island is divided into 6 communities, boasting lush natural beauty and incredible views of the Gulf of Naples. Ischia is famous for its thermal baths, exotic gardens, medieval castles, secluded paradisiacal beaches and fascinating landscapes.

How do I get to Ischia?

You can only reach the island of Ischiaby sea. Thanks to the ferry and hydrofoil connections, you can leave for Ischia from Naples, Pozzuoli, Capri and Procida. There are also ferry crossings to Ischia from some ports on the Amalfi Coast and from Sorrento.

Some ferry routes run year-round, while others are seasonal. For more information on schedules and tickets, go toFerry connections to Ischia.

when you decide to travelBy planeRemember that the closest airport to Ischia is Naples, which connects with various destinations in Italy and Europe (including Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal and the United Kingdom).

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The impressive view with the imposing Aragonese Castle of Ischia

Things to do in Ischia

Ischia is a perfect mix of tradition and modern lifestyle. Visit the Aragonese Castle, explore the medieval towers, beautiful churches, museums and summer festivals likeIschia Film Festival.

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The island invites you to explore its extensive biodiversity and exotic parks. Let yourself be pampered with a well-deserved relaxation in thetherapeutic hot springsfrom Ischia, like the famous fountain of the nymphs of Nitrodi.

Thanks to you can also discover the beauties of Ischia from the sea.boat tripscarried out by various ferry companies. Don't forget to bring your camera and be captivated by the coastal scenery and countless stunning beaches.

Also, you cannot leave Ischia without having visited the most romantic place on the southern island. The magnificent fishing village of Sant'Angelo with itscolored housesit lies between two bays. Discover the beaches of the coast and swim in its emerald waters.

However, please note that vehiclesforbiddenin Sant'Angelo. You can approach the town by car, bus or taxi, but all vehicles stop in a specially designated area on the outskirts of town. From there you can continue on foot.pedestrian zoneto Sant'Angelo.

Beaches in Ischia

Unlike the other islands in the Gulf of Naples and the seaside towns, Ischia offers long coastlines of fine sand and shallow waters,great for families.

Here are the10 best beachesin Ischia:

  1. fisherman: It is located between Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte. Its blue sea, shallow waters and beach services (restaurants, hammocks and umbrellas) make it perfect for families with children.
  2. Cartaromana: This small beach is located in San Michele and offers a fantastic view of the Aragonese Castle. It has clear blue water and fine sand. you can reach itby water taxifrom Ischia Ponte or on foot along a narrow path.
  3. Maronti: The largest beach on the island is among the best ratingskitesurfing. It offers several bathing establishments, bars and restaurants. There are also hot springs near the coast. In this area the temperature of the sand can exceed 100°Csulfur springsfrom underground
  4. British: It is located near the town of Sant'Alessandro and is less than 1 km from the port of Ischia. It can be reached on foot or by water taxi from Ischia Ponte. It is a family beach, with clean, shallow waters and fine sand.
  5. Citara: It is located in the municipality of Forio and next to thePoseidon Gardens. It has white sand, rocks and crystal clear water. The beach offers bathing establishments, various restaurants and bars. It can be easily reached by car or public transport.
  6. Scarrupata: located in the municipality of Barano d'Ischia. It is a pebble beach with crystal clear waters. It can be reached through a path surrounded by nature that starts from Vatoliere. It can also be reached by boat from Maronti beach.
  7. quarry island: It is located near the town of Forio between two rocky outcrops. The beach has fine, dark sand and is a great place toBeach volleyball. The cafes and restaurants near the shore are a pleasant addition to the beautiful scenery of the beach. It is easily accessible both by bus and by car.
  8. San Francisco: One of the most popular beaches on the island, near the town of Forio. It has golden sand and the long coastline is home to numerous facilities, tourist facilities and ample parking. In the sea you can also doWatersports.
  9. I stood up: So smallthermal bathit is located in a beautiful bay. You can reach the beach via a steep staircase of 300 steps or by water taxi from the small port of Sant'Angelo.
  10. San Montano: This beach of fine sand and shallow water is located in Lacco Ameno. The shore is dominated bymajestic cliffsand surrounded on either side by tree-covered hills. In the area you will find water sports facilities and parking.

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The emerald waters of San Montano beach on the island of Ischia

Landmarks in Ischia

Ischia was the first colony ofgreat greecewith a fascinating history of 2,000 years. Between gardens, archaeological finds, museums and ancient churches, you will be able to discover the cultural secrets of the island.

Here are theThe best places in Ischia not to be missed.:

  • HeAragonese Castle, a medieval castle located on a rocky volcanic island
  • HeTower of Forio, a watchtower and strong fortress dating from 1480
  • HeIglesia de Soccorso, built on a beautiful promontory overlooking the sea
  • Sant'Angelo, a picturesque town with colorful houses and cobbled streets
  • About RomeYCorso Vittoria Colonna, the lively nightlife streets near the port of Ischia
  • HeMuseum of Santa Restituta, testimony of life and culture in Ischia from the Greeks to the first Christians
  • HePithecusae Archaeological Museum, which contains the legendary Cup of Nestor
  • HeAqueduct of the Pillars, built in the 17th century
  • HeMortella Garden, full of Mediterranean and tropical plants, lakes and streams
  • HeAngelo Rizzoli Museum, a villa that once housed Grace Kelly and Federico Fellini
  • Villa La Colombaia, with a museum dedicated to the Italian director Luchino Visconti
  • HeFountain of the nymphs of Nitrodi, a paradise of aromatic plants and thermal waters with therapeutic benefits
  • HePoseidon Gardens, the largest thermal park on the island with 22 thermal pools surrounded by greenery
  • Hecave hot springs,nestled between towering cliffs
  • HeNegombo Park, with tropical plants and lush flower beds

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The church encalada de Soccorso in Forio, Ischia

Nightlife in Ischia

The nightlife in Ischia isdynamic, especially in summer. You can choose between parties on the beach, music concerts and disco nights in one of the clubs near the coast.

(Video) WHAT TO DO IN ISCHIA, ITALY // Best things to do on Ischia Island

The center of nightlife takes place in Riva Destra del Porto, Corso Vittoria Colonna, Via Roma and in the municipalities of Forio and Sant'Angelo. Here you will find severalLoungebars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Alternatively, you can have a drink in a pub or a fancy cocktail bar near the festivalswith national and international artists take place in Citara Bay.

Above: For an aperitif or a beer with friends until late at night, we recommend the local bar-restaurant.newcomerin Forio. You can also enjoy delicious dishes with a good glass of wine.

Eating in Ischia

The gastronomy of Ischia reflects thatNeapolitan traditionand offers dishes to lick your fingers. The main ingredients of most of the local dishes are fresh fish and vegetables.

The salty desserts of the island are usually accompanied by the famousIschia wine(such as Forastera, Biancolella and Per'e Palummo) or the typicalRucolinoLiqueur.

These are some of the local:

  • spaghetti with mussels(Pasta with clams, tomato, garlic and fresh basil)
  • ischia rabbit(Rabbit casserole or stew with tomato and peppers)
  • fried escarole pizza(fried pizza with escarole, olives, anchovies and raisins)
  • ischia gypsies(sandwich with sourdough bread, ham, mozzarella, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise)
  • Calise-Croissant(Crema-Schwarzkirsch-Croissant)
  • Migliaccio(a lemon ricotta cake)
  • Pasta with beans and clams

Above: if you want to try the local delicacyGypsy,We recommend the popular La Virgola pub.In fact, it's the same place where the delicious sandwich was first made in 1977.

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The delicious typical Ischia sandwich, Zingara

Tuition fees for Isquia

here are someHelpful tipsfor a perfect holiday in Ischia:

  • If you are visiting Ischia during the busy summer months, planning ahead is recommended. It is preferable to book and buy ferry tickets in advance.Return ticket.
  • Hay3 portson the island of Ischia: Ischia Porto, Forio and Casamicciola Terme. Therefore, it is advisable to find out which port is near your accommodation.
  • The most comfortable way to get around Ischia is on two wheels. rent aMotorradto explore the island without worrying about traffic or parking.
  • If you love the underwater world, summersnorkel coursesThey are ideal for you and your family. Put on your mask, snorkel and full foot fins and discover the fascinating biodiversity of Ischia!

Ischia Travel Guide and Ferry Information | shuttle hopper (6)

The busy streets near the port of Ischia

Useful information for Ischia

Ischia is an island with more than 60,000 inhabitantsvarious servicesfor residents and visitors. In the largest towns on the island you will find a multitude of accommodation, supermarkets, banks, gas stations, pharmacies and tourist information.

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as for thatmedical centers, the “Rizzoli” hospital is located in the municipality of Lacco Ameno. There is also a medical center in Ischia Ponte and the tourist medical guard service is active throughout the summer.

When it comes toAccommodation, Ischia offers a wide range of accommodation, from luxury hotels to guest houses and apartments. Forio is a great area to stay as it is very close to other beautiful places in Ischia. Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte are also perfect for strolling through the shops.

Regarding transportation, keep in mind that these are motor vehicles.forbiddenfor residents of the Campania region from April to the end of October. Residents of other Italian or foreign municipalities and permanent residents of Ischia are excluded.

Above: It is preferable to book your tickets and accommodationin advanceas prices are higher during the summer and holidays.

Important telephone numbers for your stay in Ischia

here are someuseful contactsto be at your fingertips during your trip to Ischia:

  • Ischia Police Station: +390815074711
  • Port Authority of Ischia (Ischia Porto): +390815072811
  • First Aid: +390815079267
  • Krankenhaus Rizzoli (Lacco Ameno): +39081507911
  • Ischia Forest Service: +39081995117
  • EAV-Autobús Ischia: +3908119800119
  • Radio Taxi Services (Isquia): +39081992550
  • Funktaxidienste (Forio): +39081997450
  • Funktaxidienste (Casamicciola): +39081900369
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Ischia

The most comfortable way to get around Ischia isby caroMotorrad. You can board your own vehicle on the ferry from the ports of Naples and Pozzuoli. Alternatively, you can rent a vehicle when you arrive on the island.

Of course, keep in mind that the island has a lot of traffic, especially in summer, and it is not easy to find free parking. Therefore, you may have to park your car in paid parking lots with charges of around2 €per hour.

Getting around on two wheels is the easiest and most comfortable way to discover beautiful Ischia. rent aMotorradand explore the island's idyllic beaches, thermal baths and tropical gardens.

you may come incab cableaving from Ischia Ponte and Sant'Angelo to jump between the paradisiacal beaches of Ischia. In this way you can reach secluded and paradisiacal corners of Ischia that can only be reached by sea.

The public transport network is also very efficient. Hebusfrom the EAV company connect different places and allow you to move around the island with ease.

Above: there is a day ticket for approx.5 €. Also,Children up to 6 yearstravel free.

Ports in Ischia

Hay3 ferry portsauf der Insel Ischia: Ischia Porto, Casamicciola und Forio.

Here you can find more information about thePorts of Ischia:

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  • port of ischia: It is the main port of the island and the liveliest corner of the island with renowned restaurants and trendy nightclubs. It can be accessed by car, taxi or bus. Ischia Porto is connected to Naples, Pozzuoli, Procida, Capri, the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento.
  • Casamicciola: It is located in the northern part of Ischia. It offers daily connections to Naples, Pozzuoli and Procida. The port is also close to bars, restaurants and thermal parks.
  • Forio: You can find the port in the western part of Ischia, between the promontories of Punta Caruso and Punta Imperatore. In addition, it is only a 9-minute walk from the beautiful Chiaia beach.

Island hopping from Ischia

During your trip to Ischia, we recommend that you continue your adventure in the Gulf of Naples. From Ischia you can reach the beautiful islands ofCapriand Procidawith the ferry.

You can find more information about these hereferry connectionsfrom Ischia:

  • Ferry Ischia - Capri: the route of the ferryfrom Ischia to Capricontains2 daily ferry connectionsabout50 minutesoperated by Alilauro and Captain Morgan.
  • Ferry Ischia - Procida: There are more than15 daily connections from Ischia to Procida, with transitions between them lasting15Y25 minutes. The ferry companies that operate the crossings are Caremar, SNAV and Medmar.

Above: Keep in mind that some services are only active in high season and that both companies operate on certain days of the week.

Ischia Travel Guide and Ferry Information | shuttle hopper (7)

Boats in the port of Casamicciola, Ischia

Ferry Ischia: timetables and tickets

Ischia's ports are well connected to many destinations. Ferries from the ports of Naples and Pozzuolo are daily and operate all year.5 ferry companies: SNAV, Alilauro, Caremar, Medmar and Gestour.

Seasonal ferry services also depart from Amalfi, Positano, Salerno, and Sorrento.

They offer up to 40 daily crossingsferries and hydroallas. Rides can last from40 minutesA2.5 hours,depending on the different destinations.

  • Ferry Naples - Ischia: the connectionfrom Naples to Ischiaincludes envelope30 daily tripswith an average run time of50 minutesA1 hour.
  • Fahre Pozzuoli - Isquia: DieFahrverbindung Pozzuoli - Isquiaoperates around20 daily tripswith crosses of approx.1 hour.
  • Ferry Amalfi - Isquia: the connection from Amalfi to Ischia worksonce a daywith transitions of approx.2.5 hours.
  • Ferry Positano - Isquia: the ferry routefrom Positano to Ischiaincludes 7 weekly connections with a duration of approx.2 hours.
  • Ferry Salerno - Isquia: The route Salerno - Ischia is offeredonce a daywith permanent transitions2 hours 40 minutes.
  • Ferry Sorrento - Isquia: the ferry tripfrom Sorrento to Ischiaoffers2 daily ferry connectionswith a term of1 hour.

look at oursferry mapwith all the connections to Ischia and start planning your trip right away.

Where to book ferry tickets to Ischia online

Are you ready to explore the beauties of the Gulf of Naples? The paradisiacal island of Ischia invites you to discover its fascinating beaches in the Tyrrhenian Sea. At Ferryhopper you can find all the connections to Ischia, compare prices and departure times and book your ferry tickets onlineluz!

nearby excursions

Capri Amalfi

Ischia has direct ferry connections to 1 ports:


Should I buy ferry tickets to Ischia in advance? ›

It is preferable to book your ferry tickets in advance and buy a return ticket. There are 3 ports on the island of Ischia: Ischia Porto, Forio and Casamicciola Terme.

Which ferry to take to Ischia? ›

The cheapest way to travel from Naples to Ischia is on a Caremar or Medmar ferry from Naples Porta di Massa. The ferries take longer but are significantly cheaper than the fast hydrofoils.

How many days should you spend in Ischia? ›

Ischia is home to some of Italy's best beaches, as well as several volcanic hot springs. There are also many hiking trails, and the island is known for its production of wine. We suggest spending on the island at least 3 days to enjoy beaches, hot springs and historical sites.

Is one day in Ischia enough? ›

Close to the Sorrento Peninsula and to the Amalfi Coast and well connected to Naples, Ischia is a really easy destination to reach. You can visit it in one day, even if you have to carefully select the things to see.

How early should I arrive for my ferry? ›

You'll need to arrive between an hour and 30 minutes before your scheduled sailing time.

What is the best month to visit Ischia? ›

The tourist season on Ischia begins at Easter and lasts into mid-October. The best months to visit the island and the surrounding area are May and September, when temperatures are mild and there are fewer crowds than in July and August.

Which is better Ischia or Capri? ›

Swap Capri for Ischia Italy

Capri has attracted an endless number of rich and famous over the years, while Ischia tends to attract a loyal clientele of wellness tourists attracted by its thermal springs and spa hotels. There's no doubt Capri is beautiful but for a chilled island holiday, Ischia is a much better bet.

What is the cheapest ferry from Naples to Ischia? ›

The cheapest way to get from Naples to Ischia is to Hydrofoil which costs €8 - €60 and takes 1h 5m.

How long is ferry ride from Naples to Ischia? ›

How long is the ferry ride from Naples to Ischia? The duration of the ferry trip from Naples to Ischia is between 50 min and 1 hr 30 min.

Can you walk around Ischia? ›

Hiking around Ischia is one of the best ways to experience more of the landscape, although finding the right route is not always easy. To help, here are the top 15 hikes and walks around Ischia — so you can just get out and go.

Do I need car in Ischia? ›

It's convenient to have a car to explore the island, though there is heavy traffic in the summer. Parking is also hard to find, and abundant only in quiet areas like Barano and Serrara Fontana. In the larger towns, you will need to park in pay lots (around EUR 2/hour).

Can I drink tap water in Ischia? ›

Can you drink the water Ischia? Short answer: Absolutely.

What food is Ischia Italy known for? ›

The cuisine is distinctly Ischian and Mediterranean, with ingredients strictly from Ischia and Campania. Traditional Ischian rabbit stew is a menu staple, fresh fish and seafood, Gragnano pasta and vegetables from giardino di Pietratorcia (straight from their market garden). And of course the wine list is exceptional.

Is Ischia easy to get around? ›

The town is on the CS and CD bus routes, so getting around the island is easy, and there's even a ferry service to Naples, although it isn't as frequent as the one to Ischia Porto.

Is it worth going to Ischia Italy? ›

The beauty of Ischia is that the landscape and traditions change from town to town, so you can have a different experience each time you visit. Ischia Porto is hustle and bustle and the commercial heart, while nearby Ischia Ponte has an old-world vibe.

Do they check your bags on a ferry? ›

Do you check in your luggage on ferries? No, there is no check-in procedure for luggage items. However, we recommend that you don't carry more than 50kg of luggage to avoid delays due to restricted space in the luggage area.

Do I have to book ferry in advance? ›

Ferry bookings can be made any time, even up to the day of the travel. However, if you wish to book in advance for your own peace of mind, this is fine too. All ferry companies differ about when you can actually make a commercial ferry booking. These can range from 2 months to 7 days in advance.

What can you not take on a ferry? ›

(A) Pointed edged weapons & sharp objects, pointed or bladed articles capable of causing injury including:
  • Kilt pins.
  • Axes & Hatches.
  • Arrows & Darts.
  • Crampons (grappling iron, hooked bar of iron, or plate with iron spikes used in mountaineering)
  • Harpoons & Spears.
  • Ice axes & ice picks.
  • Ice skates.

What is the most crowded month in Italy? ›

Summer (June – August) is peak season in Italy. Peak season, particularly the months of July and August (and even extending into the first two weeks of September), is generally considered a very busy and expensive time to visit Italy's cities and major tourist areas like the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre.

How warm is Ischia in October? ›

Average daily temperatures

It's pretty mild at this time of year, but it's a good idea to bring along a jumper or light jacket for the evenings. The average daily maximum is 23 C and the average daily minimum is 12 C.

Are there sandy beaches in Ischia? ›

Being a volcanic island, the beaches on Ischia are smooth sandy beaches that are perfect for spending a long beach holiday.

Is Ischia cheaper than Capri? ›

Prices. Hands down, Capri is the most expensive of the three islands, while Procida is the most affordable. Ischia offers something for all budgets.

Which is better to visit Procida or Ischia? ›

Ischia, the larger and more popular island, has more options for hotels, villas, and apartments, whereas Procida offers a number of campgrounds near the beaches for those who love to sleep outdoors. It's easy to find budget dining options on both islands.

Which is cheaper tunnel or ferry? ›

Generally speaking the ferry is usually slightly cheaper, but whichever option you choose, make sure to shop around for deals and book well ahead of time to get the best-value fares.

Is it cheaper to buy ferry tickets at the port in Greece? ›

If you don't want to book in advance then it's fine to book in Greece at any shop that says “Ferry Tickets for Sale”. Booking online will occasionally have a small extra fee but that's usually only if you want to have them delivered to you. Within Greece, ticket prices are all the same regardless of where you purchase.

Is ferry cheaper than flying? ›

But flight-free travel isn't just greener – it's often cheaper, too. For mid-distance journeys, a trip by car (and, if needs be, ferry) tends to cost a lot less per passenger than even the budget-est of budget flights.

Can you buy ferry tickets at the port in Naples? ›

You can buy tickets at the port or online.

What is the shortest ferry from Italy to Greece? ›

The fastest ferry from Italy to Greece is from Brindisi to Corfu with a duration of 7 hours. As for ferries from Italy to mainland Greece, the fastest ferry route is from Brindisi to Igoumenitsa and takes 8-9 hours.

How long is the ferry ride from Ischia to Capri? ›

The duration of the ferry from the port of Ischia to Capri is around 50 min. Please, keep in mind that travel time depends on weather conditions and the type of ferry.

Do you need to book ferries in Italy in advance? ›

In order to find the cheapest ferry tickets and get the most of offers and discounts, we recommend that you book your ferry tickets in advance. For crossings active all year round that involve longer routes, we recommend that you book at least 6 months in advance.

Is it best to pre book ferries in Greece? ›

Not all Greek ferries sell out. However, we suggest you book your ferry trip in advance, especially if you're planning to take your vehicle aboard. Also, you should keep in mind that some Greek ferries are seasonal and have limited onboard seating.

Do Greek ferry tickets sell out? ›

Do Greek island ferries sell out? Yes, some Greek ferries do sell out. Especially on popular routes between islands (e.g. Mykonos to Santorini). Large Blue Star ferries almost never sell out.

Does ferry hopper charge a fee? ›

Ferryhopper applies a small modification fee of €6 (euros) per booking.

Do you need a negative Covid test to enter Italy by train? ›

Have a negative COVID test prior to their departure (a molecular test within 72 hours prior to arriving in Italy or an antigen test within 48 hours prior to arriving in Italy)

What happens if I miss my ferry? ›

Keep in mind that if you do miss your ferry, the tickets are non-refundable. So, your best bet is to try to use it for another time, if possible.

Is it cheaper to buy ferry tickets at the port? ›

If you wish to pay at the port you will have to pay the ferry company's "window rate" which in most cases will be significantly higher than the discounted prices our bulk buying power can give you.

Do I need to print my ferry ticket? ›

It is not compulsory to bring a printed itinerary of your booking to the port but you will need to be able to quote the booking reference that is included on your itinerary when checking-in - please note it down.

Do you need a boarding pass for a ferry? ›

For most crossings you will need show your confirmation email to pick up your boarding pass at the ferry port. For other crossings we will either email you your boarding pass as an attachment or send you an email inviting you to check-in online to retrieve your boarding pass.

How easy is it to island hop in Greece? ›

A Greek island hopping holiday is pretty easy to plan because the islands are easily accessible by ferry. The bigger islands, such as Mykonos and Santorini, even have their own airports, meaning you can fly between islands.

Do your bags get checked on a ferry? ›

Do you check in your luggage on ferries? No, there is no check-in procedure for luggage items. However, we recommend that you don't carry more than 50kg of luggage to avoid delays due to restricted space in the luggage area.

How often do Greek ferries get Cancelled? ›

Ferry cancellations can happen. They are rare but they can happen 2 - 5 times a year for 12 - 48 hours. It's really somehting not predictable and may change from year to year. It's a rarity but, as anywhere in the world, it can affect some visitors.

How much money do you need for Greek island hopping? ›

US $30-36 (€25-€30) per person per ferry ride and being smart in your travel planning: choose to hop between islands within the same chain and also on the same route, cut down on the number of islands you visit, choose a slow ferry with outside seating as opposed to a faster, more expensive ferry with an indoor seat.

How far in advance should I buy tickets to Greece? ›

How far in advance should I book a flight to Greece? The best time to book flights is between 6 and 10 months before your planned travel dates. For summer visits try to book in November, December, January, or February. The earlier you book flights the cheaper your flight will be.

How reliable are ferries in Greece? ›

Some of the Greece ferry lines include Blue Star Ferries, Seajets, and Hellenic Seaways. They are all reliable ferry companies. The advantages of taking the fast ferry are less time on the ferry and more time on the Greek Islands.


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