Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (2023)

Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (1)

Hello long hair! These days, thanks to my new tape extensions, I feel like a Rapunzel/Barbie/Nicole Kidman combo at Stepford Wives (all in a good way, of course). I've been doing them for eight months and really loved my experience. It was so much fun having so much more hair to play with and style.

Why did I get her? It was mostly curiosity, to be honest (it's fascinated me since high school!), but also because you know I doloveweave. My extensions give my hair more thickness, slight length (mine is about an inch longer than my own hair) and lighter blonde highlights. My goal wasn't to drastically change my appearance, just enhance my own hair so that it still looks natural.

I couldn't be more obsessed with my salonQuatorzejay🇧🇷 In the 2+ years I've been there I feel my hair health has improved A LOT. I always feel a sense of calm when entering the salon - it's such a relaxing environment and I always look forward to my appointments (they do great hand massages :P)

Fourteenjay Salon
Rua Jay, 14
NEW YORK, NY 10013
[email protected]

Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (2)

It is important to point out that Fourteenjay is aAveda-Salonand they specialize in making paints. I love Aveda hair products so this was a BIG bonus for me. I love knowing that all the products I use on my hair are naturally formulated with organic ingredients.

So who do I see?michelledoes my highlights and prioritizes the health of my hair from the start. Over the last two years she has gradually lightened my blonde in a safe manner rather than just aggressively bleaching me to my current shade which would likely have damaged my hair. She is AMAZING at doing the blonde color and worked with Heather to decide which color of the extensions would work best with my hair!

mixedwas my favorite girl to style and now she does my extensions. My main goal for the past three years has been to make my hair longer and I really appreciate that Heather has never tried to force me to cut it (like I've experienced at other salons). Heather was the one who explained the renewal process to me and eventually convinced me to try them. She was amazing at answering all my questions and explaining details about cost and maintenance.

I haveTape Vomor Extensionsand love her! They're incredibly lightweight, low maintenance and I've noticed absolutely no damage to my own hair. Vomor is an exclusive extension of Aveda salons, meaning they can only be ordered and fitted by a licensed Aveda stylist. Here are some more facts about Vomor extensions:

+ Vomor extensions are made exclusively from Remy hair with the cuticle intact, collected and manufactured in a species-appropriate manner and packaged in accordance with environmental guidelines.
+ The recommended wearing time is 6-8 weeks and the plates can be reused up to 3 times.
+ Available lengths: 12, 16 and 20 inches according to the Aveda color wheel
+ Available Colors: Each length is available in 30 colors ranging from ash blonde to jet black.

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Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (3)

^^ Here you can see the size of each expansion box - I have 12 in total!

Each box of Vomor Extensions contains 6 sections of hair. Because Vomor extensions are only available in salons, your stylist will work with you to decide which color of extensions will best match your own hair color. In my last query I used 12 panels, so a total of two boxes with extensions. I LOVE how Heather ordered mine in two slightly different shades (I use Aveda 8N/10N and Aveda 12G). This was done to blend in with my highlights of course, but also to avoid that obvious one-dimensional, monochromatic look.

Curious about how extensions are installed? It's incredibly quick, easy and painless. The top of the extensions are pre-coated with medical grade tape that your stylist applies to the hairline. The glue is literally the same used in hospitals to close wounds - it's a very strong material. From the moment your extensions are glued to your hair, DO NOT MOVE. The only way to detach from your head is to pull out your own hair that the extension is attached to.

Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (4)

Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (5)

^^ These photos were taken after wearing my extensions for 7 weeks - note the inch of growth between my root and where the extension was originally attached.

The removal process is also easy. The tape on each extension is sprayed with a solution that instantly dissolves the tape, allowing each panel to be safely combed out of the hair. The panels are then washed, subjected to a conditioning treatment and then dried in a drier. Each extension is then replaced with new tape so it can be put back on my hair which has also been washed, cut and blow dried.

All of this happens simultaneously over the course of two hours. If I do my paint at the same time, my appointment takes more than 4 hours. I personally find maintaining my extensions in the salon really easy/hassle free (I usually take my laptop to work) although it does require regular appointments every 6-8 weeks.

Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (6)

Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (7)

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^^ Here is my hair before the extensions...

I have found that I can use my extensions up to 3 times and there can be 7 weeks between appointments. Remember that every salon visit will be different depending on how fast his hair grows and how he cares for the extensions. As your natural hair grows, the extensions grow with it, eventually creating a gap between the hair root and where the extensions were placed.

Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (8)

Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (9)

^^ And now it's here with extensions!

If your hair is growing fast, you'll probably want your extensions repositioned sooner than someone with slower hair growth. Heat damages extensions just like normal hair. So if you brush/curl/straighten every day, your extensions will deteriorate faster and you can only use them once or twice.

There are many different factors that determine the price of extensions. Cost varies by brand, length of extension (longer = more expensive), salon, your stylist's fee, and how many extension plates you wish to use. Here is a breakdown of prices in my salon:

12″ Vomor Expansion Box: $237
16″ Vomor Expansion Box: $306
20″ Vomor Expansion Box: $392

So that's just the cost of the actual expansion box. You should also add the fees your stylist will charge you for installing, removing, and renewing the extensions (if you decide to use them more than once). All of these fees vary based on the amount of time required to do this work. If you only have 6 panels with extensions that take 30 minutes to install/remove, your service price will be lower than someone with 12+ extensions that takes an hour or more to service.

Your first appointment will be the most expensive as you will be paying for the actual extensions in addition to the installation and styling fees. If you decide to reuse your extensions on future dates, all you have to do is style, install and resurface.

If you're serious about getting extensions, I recommend calling your salon and making an appointment. This way they can guide you to the exact price and give you a clear picture of what you would be investing in.

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How often do extensions need to be serviced and adjusted?I go every 6-8 weeks. It all depends on how fast your hair grows as the extensions will grow with your own hair.

Did you get extensions for hair loss?No, I actually have pretty thick hair. For years I've wanted to try extensions just out of curiosity (thanks America's Next Top Model!), but more recently because of my love of intricate braids. Whenever I've braided my hair, I've had to use a few extensions (which are a great, easy way to add thickness to your hair), but I wanted to try something more permanent and natural.

Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (10)

Can I get long extensions if I have short hair?Understood. One of the main reasons people get extensions is to add length. If you have them installed by a great stylist, they can mix and match the extensions to blend naturally with your shorter layers.

Have you noticed hair loss or damage from the extensions?Not. Stick-on extensions are the safest extensions you can get and will not harm your own hair as long as you take care of them and brush them gently at the root.

can you feel the extensions do they hurtI can feel my extensions when I run my fingers through the roots of my hair, but it's not a feeling that's unique to everyday life. The reason why stick-on extensions are so popular is that they are 1) incredibly easy and 2) painless and literally just stick to your own hair. There are no braids, bows or beads involved that can cause hair loss and scalp discomfort.

Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (11)

^^ My hair with straight style extensions

Can you wash and dry your extensions as usual?Yes! The extensions are made from real human hair, so wash them the same way you wash your own. The only difference to my shower routine is that I'm much gentler when I scrub and wash my scalp/roots. After the shower, I like to let it dry about 75% before I casually sweep it through with a hair dryer + flat brush. Next I'm going to curl my hair normally using a 1.5 inch round iron. The only downside I have found with my extensions is that my hair takes much longer to heat dry and style. Luckily I can only wash it 1-2 times a week so it doesn't hurt too much!

My hair is very thin and fine. Can I still get extensions?Definitive. Extensions are a great solution when you want to add volume to fine hair or are suffering from hair loss. Vomor extensions are lightweight and the tape is very slick/easy to remove in the salon making them a very safe option for anyone with fine, fine hair.

Can you wear your hair in a bun or with extensions?Yes! i do all the time After a few weeks it can get a little tricky as there will be a gap between the roots and where the extensions attach to your own hair. I can still tie a top knot but it takes a little longer than not using extensions. This is one of the reasons why it's SO important to have them applied by an experienced stylist who knows how to strategically place your extensions so you can style your hair as usual.

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Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (12)

Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (13)

In both pictures I had extensions on and was able to style my hair into a bun without any problems!

How do you brush your hair with extensions?I also avoid extensions, except that I'm much more careful with my roots. Here's the brush I use to prevent hair breakage and hair loss!

Considering permanent vs. clip-on extensions for a wedding?I think it all depends on how you style your hair. If it's just to add thickness to an updo or braid, I don't see why clips wouldn't do the trick. I would just make sure you hire a good stylist, practice a glam shoot, and wear your hair the way you planned for your wedding for a full day so you can be sure it's going to stay.

It's also important to remember that you want to look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day. In the months and years after your wedding, looking at photos doesn't want to make you feel like you're looking at a completely different person. I'm definitely in favor of permanent lengthening, but if you're only considering this for the month of your wedding, you might think twice before going for a drastically longer length or a whole new color.

What happens when your natural hair dries curly but the extensions stay straight?Good question! While my own hair naturally dries wavy/slightly curly (depending on humidity), my extensions tend to dry flat with a very slight curl. Luckily the difference isn't very noticeable, but for consistency I like to style my hair with a flat brush when it's 75% air dry.

Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions - Katie's Bliss (14)

I've been fascinated with extensions since I was in high school, but never thought of buying them until I went to Fourteenjay. Expansions are a big investment, both financially and in terms of the time required to maintain them. I probably would never have pulled the trigger to get them if I hadn't found a stylist and salon I trust.

So my extensions were necessary? No of course not. I honestly got them out of curiosity and wanted to braid my hair without having to mess with bobby pins. I'm having a lot of fun with my extensions and definitely plan to keep installing them untilOur weddingnext October, but I don't think I'll be doing this forever. It is a great commitment and certainly in vain in my case.

However, hair extensions can be a life-changing solution, especially for people with thinning or naturally thin hair. The best part is that you can get as many extensions as you want, in any size you want. Extensions can be a great way to add thickness and length or achieve platinum blonde locks without having to dye your own hair. It doesn't matter if you're thinking about considering them, I can't recommend Vomor or the girls at Fourteenjay enough.

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