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Chubb earned 4 stars out of 5 for its overall performance. NerdWallet ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula takes into account consumer experience, claims data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and financial strength ratings.

Chubb specializes in auto and other insurance for wealthy clients. The company's suite of products features generous coverage options and benefits not normally available from other insurers.

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Why you can trust NerdWallet:Our writers and editors continuestrict editorial guidelinesto ensure fairness and accuracy in our coverage so that you can choose the insurance policy that best suits your needs. These company ratings are specific to auto insurance - a company's rating for other products may differ on our site. See our criteria forauto insurance review.

How we review auto insurance

In our auto insurance reviews, our editorial team considers both the customer and the insurer. Here are some of the factors we take into account:

Financial strength.We use AM The best ratings to confirm the long-term financial stability of an insurer and its ability to pay claims. NerdWallet does not recommend companies rated below B.

Claims.These rankings are based on complaints to state regulators regarding the size of a company, based on three years of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The best auto insurers have fewer claims than expected.

Easy to use.This category looks at the ease with which consumers can interact with an insurance company through its mobile app and website. This includes how much coverage information is offered online, whether a user can start and track a claim online and get a quote, and mobile app scores based on Apple and Google Play store ratings.

discounts.We look at the types of discounts a company offers and the total number of discounts available.

Where Chubb Excels

Advantages and coverage options.Drivers insured by Chubb can enjoy exclusive benefits from the company, including a lifetime warranty on repairs performed at a Chubb-certified repair facility.

Low customer complaints.Chubb has fewer customer complaints compared to other companies of its size.

Where Chubb falls short

discounts.Because Chubb caters to wealthy customers, it doesn't focus on offering a long list of discounts. However, it does offer a few ways to save, including combination insurance products and insuring more than one vehicle.

Chubb Auto Insurance Coverage

When shopping for auto insurance coverage, it's important to understand what auto insurance coverage you want and what you need to purchase. For example, most states require a minimum amount of auto insurance to operate a vehicle. Alternatively, if you want additional protection, you may be interested in full coverage insurance. Read about morecommon types of auto insurance coverageto see how they work.

As a company that primarily serves high net worth families, Chubb does not focus on cheap insurance or price reductions, but on premium benefits, coverage and services.

Chubb's Masterpiece Auto Insurance Policy offers the coverage found in a standard policy and additional features geared toward owners of expensive vehicles, including:

  • Comprehensive rental reimbursement coverage.If you need to rent a car because yours is in the shop after an accident, you can rent a car that is as good as the one you normally drive. Coverage reimburses up to $15,000 for a car rental, with no limit per day.

  • Coverage for original equipment manufacturer parts.When your car needs repairs after an accident, Chubb's comprehensive and collision insurance pays for parts made by your car manufacturer. Other insurers typically only pay for replacement parts, which are made by companies other than the automaker and are less expensive than original manufacturer parts.

  • Worldwide car rental coverage.A Chubb auto policy extends to damage to a rental car you drive anywhere in the world.

  • Deletion of personal information.If your vehicle is totaled, Chubb will delete personal data stored in the car's systems, such as GPS directions, phone contacts, and garage door opener codes.

  • Lifetime warranty on repairsif your car is serviced at a Chubb Certified Repair Shop.

  • Lock and key replacement coverageNon deductible.

  • Identity Management Servicesthey are included in all Chubb auto policies. If you suspect fraud or identity theft, Chubb will connect you with a fraud specialist to guide you through resolution. This coverage includes help filing police reports and other documents, developing a case file, and credit monitoring for one year.

Optional Chubb coverage varies by state, but may include:

  • Value agreed for collision and all risk insurance.If you choose this option, you and the company agree on the value of your car when you purchase the policy. If the car is stolen or totaled, Chubb will refund this amount. With a standard policy from other insurance companies, you are reimbursed for the car's market value at the time of claim, less your deductible. This is an important feature for collector car owners. See NerdWallet's review of thebest classic car insurance.

  • Ultra high insurance limits.You can choose up to $10 million inliability insuranceand uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance.

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car insurance discounts

Focused on high-end customers, Chubb does not emphasize discounts on its website. However, depending on which state you live in, Chubb may offer auto insurance discounts for:

  • Combining your residential and automotive coverage.

  • Insurance for more than one vehicle.

  • Complete driver training or an accident prevention course.

  • Have safety equipment such as airbags, ABS brakes, daytime running lights or anti-theft devices.

  • I am a good student.

ūü§ďgo nerd

Buying car insurance for the first time? Not sure where to start? See our guide onhow to buy car insurance.


Chubb has had fewer auto insurance claims with state regulators than expected for its size, according to three years of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

More about Chubb auto insurance

Website:You can find an agent, file a claim, and pay your bill online.

Applications:Chubb has several options for Apple and Android devices.

  • mobile chubbis the company's all-in-one support app. Customers can pay bills, file claims, and view their auto insurance ID cards.

  • Continuous Chubb estimateapp allows you to get car repair estimates after an accident. You can take a photo of the damage and get a repair estimate through the app in a matter of hours. Chubb says some deals close the same day.

  • chubb connecthelps you connect to Wi-Fi hotspots around the world and sends you travel alerts.

  • Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčAlertallows you to quickly report a security breach online.

Chubb Residential Insurance

Chubb's Masterpiece Homeowners Policy offers features not found in most other insurance policies, along with benefits geared toward high-end homeowners. For more information, read ourChubb Home Insurance Review.

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Other Chubb Insurance

Other types of Chubb insurance include:

  • Boat insurance.

  • Umbrella insurance.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Classic car insurance.

  • Valuables insurance.

  • Agricultural and livestock insurance.

  • Cyber ‚Äč‚Äčinsurance.

  • Insurance against natural disasters.

  • Renters insurance.

  • Condo insurance.


Insurance Claims Methodology

NerdWallet reviewed complaints received by state insurance regulators and reported them to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in 2019-2021. To assess how insurers stack up against one another, the NAIC calculates a claims rate each year for each subsidiary, measuring its share of total claims against its size or share of total industry premiums. To assess Chubb's claims history, NerdWallet calculated a similar ratio for each insurer, weighted by the market shares of each subsidiary, over the three-year period. NerdWallet performs its data analysis and reaches its conclusions independently and without endorsement by the NAIC. Rates are determined separately for auto, home (including renters and condos), and life insurance.

Auto Insurance Rating MethodologyNerdWallet's auto insurance ratings reward companies for customer-first features and practices. Rankings are based on weighted averages of scores across multiple categories, including financial strength, customer complaints, and discounts. Our "Ease of Use" category looks at factors like the transparency of the site and the ease of filing a complaint. Using our editorial discretion, we also consider customer satisfaction surveys. These ratings are a guide, but we encourage you to do your research and compare multiple insurance quotes to find the best rate for you. NerdWallet does not receive compensation for any reviews. read oureditorial guidelinesand fullauto insurance rating methodology.

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